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Disease and pest management in a green house


Unlock Greenhouse Excellence: Disease and Pest Management" is your comprehensive guide to ensuring a thriving and resilient greenhouse environment. Dive in to discover:

Understanding the Basics:

  • Introduction to disease and pest management.
  • Insight into the Hydroponic NFT system.

Dynamics of Diseases & Pests:

  • Processes behind disease and pest emergence.
  • Key management principles.

Mastering the Disease Triangle:

  • Strategies for disease triangle management.
  • Transitioning the triangle into a diamond.

Farm Management & Zoning:

  • Steps to achieve farming success.
  • Zone-based greenhouse management: Red, Orange, and Green.

Disease & Pest Inspection:

  • Procedures for effective checks.
  • Tactics for greenhouse inspections.

Pests & Diseases Deep Dive:

  • Recognizing common greenhouse pests.
  • Differentiating fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases.

Management Techniques:

  • Counteracting microbial threats.
  • Using disinfectants for optimum greenhouse health.