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Drip Irrigation

"Revolutionize Your Crop Yield: Mastering Drip Irrigation Techniques for Optimal Growth" equips you with the fundamental tools to maximize water efficiency and plant health. Dive into this comprehensive guide and unveil the following:

Understanding Drip Irrigation:

  • Irrigation Essentials: Grasp the basics and the wetting patterns of drip over beds.
  • The Water Cycle: Understand the hydrological cycle and challenges with excessive water.
  • Drip's Advantages: Delve into why drip irrigation stands out.

Technical Know-How:

  • Emitters 101: Explore the different types of emitters and their applications.
  • The Layout: Get acquainted with the optimal drip irrigation layout.
  • Venturi Function: Learn the working principle of venturi and its significance.

Optimizing Irrigation:

  • Frequency Matters: Compare drip versus flood irrigation frequencies.
  • Seasonal Adjustments: Recognize the varying irrigation needs across different seasons.

Water & Nutrition Management:

  • The pH Role: Grasp the importance of pH levels in drip irrigation.
  • Fertilizer Basics: Understand water-soluble and non-soluble fertilizer distinctions.
  • Irrigation Scheduling: Tailor irrigation timings for maximum benefit.

Maintenance & Best Practices:

  • Keeping It Efficient: Discover the concept of leaching irrigation and backwash.
  • System Care: Dive into the maintenance, filter cleaning, and ensuring longevity of your drip irrigation system.

Assessment & Recap:

Test Your Knowledge:

Engage with the Drip Irrigation Assessment to consolidate your learning.

Greenhouse Film

Mastering the Greenhouse Cover: A Deep Dive into Greenhouse Films

"Unlock Greenhouse Potential: Comprehensive Insights into Modern Greenhouse Films" is your definitive guide to understanding and optimizing your greenhouse environment. Embark on this insightful journey and uncover:

Laying the Foundation:

  • Greenhouse Film Essentials: Everything you ought to know about greenhouse films.
  • The Investment Logic: Grasp the mathematics behind protecting your substantial investment.
  • Film Advantages: Understand the unique benefits of Ginegar Agriplast and why plastic films are crucial.

Properties & Special Features:

  • UV Dynamics: Delve into UV stabilization and blocking properties.
  • Advanced Properties: Unpack benefits like light diffusion, thermic property, IR cooling, and more.
  • Special Features: Learn about anti-drip, anti-dust, and anti-mist characteristics.

Production & Structure:

  • Ginegar's Process: A walkthrough of film manufacturing and the layering technique.
  • Quality Assurance: Deep dive into film testing, understanding reports, and exploring tensile strength.

Hands-on with Experts:

  • Exclusive Visits: Join Jessica from Ginegar's QC lab for in-depth looks at various film tests like FTIR, Dart Drop, Tear Resistance, and thickness measurement.
  • Maintenance & Repair: Equip yourself with best practices on film repair, understanding thickness, and general guidelines.

Advanced Topics:

  • Film Evolution: Discuss the need for multi-layered films and their benefits.
  • Protective Measures & Add-ons: Explore concepts like liquid shading, Sambrasol applications, Zinc migration, and the Solar Guard protection mechanism.
  • Damage Identification: Learn to recognize plastic damage patterns and manage warranty claims effectively.

Final Touches:

Engaging Media: Watch a specialized greenhouse film video by Ginegar. Test Your Understanding: Engage with the Greenhouse Film assessment to solidify your knowledge.

Unearth the Power of Cocopeat: The Future of Soilless Cultivation

"Deep Dive into Cocopeat: Pioneering the New Wave of Sustainable Growing Media" is your roadmap to harnessing the potential of cocopeat. Delve into the details and uncover:

Foundations of Cocopeat:

  • An Introduction: Discover the basics of cocopeat and its significance in modern agriculture.
  • From Production to Application: Understand the complete manufacturing process and its advantages.

Diversity & Uses:

  • Product Range: Explore the different types and grades of cocopeat available.
  • Versatile Uses: Dive into the various applications and the broader cocopeat industry.

Quality & Management:

Selection Criteria: Grasp how to choose the right Cocos media and maintain its quality. Maintenance & Reuse: Learn about the washing and cleaning processes, the importance of growbag discussions, and reusing cocopeat effectively.

Advanced Topics:

Cost Analysis: Understand major factors that influence the price of cocopeat. Optimizing Growth: Discover the benefits of structured cocopeat, treatments for algae removal, and the use of NPK-enriched cocopeat. Custom Blends: Learn about the optimal ratios for mixes like cocopeat-vermiculite-paralite.

Market Insights:

Cocopeat in India: Discuss the future prospects and potential of cocopeat in the Indian market.

Final Assessment:

Test Your Knowledge: Engage in an assessment on soilless growing to consolidate your learning.

Greenhouse Automation Mastery

"Unlock Precision Farming with Greenhouse Automation" is your guide to integrating technology for enhanced cultivation. Dive into the highlights of the course:

Getting Started:

  • Introduction: Overview of greenhouse automation.
  • Benefits: The advantages of automating your greenhouse.

Key Measurements:

  • System Overview: A snapshot of a standard automation system.
  • Essential Parameters: Insights on temperature, CO2, humidity, and light metrics like DLI.

System Control & Components:

Shade & Ventilation: Understand automated shading and the intricacies of vent control. Climate Regulation: Dive into fan pad, fogging, and HAF systems, along with CO2 enrichment.

Advanced Techniques:

  • Water Management: Explore water pre-treatment and fertigation systems with UV disinfection insights.

Concluding Insights:

Q&A Session: Address queries and cement your grasp on the topic.

Mastering Grape & Palring Covers

"Revolutionize Your Vineyard Practices with Grape & Palring Covers" is your pathway to understanding advanced protective measures for grape cultivation. Here's a concise breakdown of what the course offers:


  • Palring Essentials: A foundational overview of the Palring technology.

Global Applications:

  • Worldwide Use: Discover how Palring is utilized across various countries.

Specifics for Vineyards:

  • Palring for Vineyards: A specialized look at how Palring is tailored for grape cultivation.
  • Systematic Covering: Delve into methods for top and bottom covering using Palring Lino10 and sealed grape covers.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Advantages: Grasp the myriad benefits of using Palring covers, including its utility as a ground cover.
  • Palring Under Nets: Understand the integration of Palring technology beneath protective netting.

Engagement & Clarification:

Q&A Session: Resolve your questions and reinforce your understanding of the topic.

Crop Cover

Mastering Crop Covers: Enhancing Agricultural Yield & Protection

"Delve into the Dynamics of Crop Covers: An Essential for Every Modern Farmer." Here's a glimpse of the course:


  • Overview of crop covers and their significance.

Benefits & Applications:

  • Key advantages of employing crop covers.
  • Different sizes and their specific uses.

Deep Dives:

  • Discussions around the intricacies of crop covers.
  • Costing and key parameters defined.

Special Uses & Case Studies:

  • Mitigating frost damage using crop covers.
  • Comparative outcomes: with and without crop shields.
  • Specialized covers: from pomegranates to bananas.

Engage & Assess:

  • Broad discussions and insights on crop covers.
  • Conclude with an assessment to test your knowledge


Unlock the Potential of Plastic Mulch: From Basics to Advanced Techniques

"Boost your agricultural prowess with our comprehensive guide on plastic mulch, optimizing soil quality and crop yield." Delve into what this course offers:


  • Grasp the core science and landscape of plastic mulching.

Solarisation Techniques:

  • Discover the essence, advantages, and methods.
  • Dive into discussions on Anti-drip vs. Normal and Strip vs. Complete Coverage.

Types & Applications of Mulch:

  • Explore from Black to Zebra Mulch.
  • Learn about the unique properties and benefits of each type.

Hands-on Expertise:

  • Master mulch installation.
  • Delve into crop-specific applications.
  • Understand the nuances of manufacturing.

Insights from the Expert - Yoram:

  • Grasp new soil solarization solutions.
  • Uncover the secrets of Zebra mulch.
  • Learn the maintenance essentials for greenhouse films.

Ecogar - The Biodegradable Breakthrough:

  • Dive into its challenges, benefits, and application guidelines.
  • Step into this insightful journey to enhance your agricultural techniques, make informed choices, and validate your knowledge through targeted assessments.

Air Circulation Fan Mastery

"Elevate Your Greenhouse Health & Productivity: Dive deep into understanding the pivotal role of the Air Circulation Fan in modern agriculture. Here's a snapshot of what you'll discover:"

Importance of Air Circulation:

  • Grasp the reasons why proper air circulation is essential in a greenhouse environment.
  • Breaking the humidity for a healthier greenhouse atmosphere.
  • Reducing potential risks of fungal diseases.

Enhancing Crop Production:

Learn how an optimal circulation system can lead to higher yields and robust crops.

Holistic Greenhouse Health:

  • Delve into the intricate balance of humidity, air circulation, and plant health to achieve optimal growth conditions.

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