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Soilless Growing


"Redefining Agricultural Horizons: The Power of Soilless Cultivation" is your roadmap to embracing and mastering the future of farming. Dive into the nuances of soilless growth with the following insights:

Why Soilless?:

  • Exploring the benefits of soilless cultivation.
  • Assessing the investment in greenhouses for soilless growth.

Advantages & Basics:

  • Highlights of soilless trough cultivation.
  • Key elements needed for successful soilless growing.

Comparative Analysis:

  • Pinpoint differences between soilless growth and traditional soil-based farming.

Water & Nutrient Management:

  • The significance of water retention curves.
  • Understanding EC, pH, and their role in plant nutrition.
  • Techniques for effective pH and EC control.

Irrigation & Fertigation Essentials:

  • Principles governing irrigation, fertigation, and optimal dripper spacing.

The Mapal System Deep Dive:

  • Introduction to the Mapal trough system and its diverse types.
  • A guide to container, substrate layout, and Mapal vegetable flowcharts.
  • Exploring crops compatible with the Mapal system: from strawberries and roses to lettuce and more.

Cocopeat in Soilless Cultivation:

  • Understanding cocopeat production and its significance.
  • Benefits and various grades of cocopeat.
  • Expert guidance on calculating substrate requirements.